Randy Morrison


I started ballroom dancing later in life.  I was interested in learning to dance because I had read about studies that discussed the benefit of dancing for preventing dementia, which was a concern for me given my family history.  While I found ballroom dancing met that goal by being both mentally challenging and rewarding, my enjoyment has far exceeded anything I expected when I started.  Ballroom dancing is a fun form of physical exercise.  By requiring me to focus on my dancing, partner and music when I am dancing, ballroom dancing serves as an excellent form of stress relief by giving me a welcome break from the hectic pace of everyday life.  I have often called ballroom dancing my safe place when life becomes stressful.  Most importantly, I have enjoyed the social benefits of ballroom dancing as I have met many wonderful people who have a positive outlook on life and are a pleasure to be around.  The welcoming and helpful nature of ballroom dancers has provided me with many dance friends, which has greatly contributed to my love of ballroom dancing.


Ballroom dancing is something you can start at any age and enjoy for the rest of your life.  Please join us for a beginner class or a private lesson to see what benefits and enjoyment ballroom dancing can provide for you. Randy is available for lessons in the Salisbury and Beach area’s