1. What should I wear to class?  

Clothing should be comfortable attire. Foot wear should be either a dance shoe or leather sole/lightly rubber soled shoe. Please do not wear sneakers or backless shoes. If need be you can participate in stocking feet.

2. Can I come without a partner? 

Of course!! In group lessons we will rotate partners so everyone gets a chance to dance or you will dance with the instructor if you come without a partner.

3. Will I have to change partner’s in group lessons?

Possibly, if the class is all couples then no you will not have to change partners. If there are single students in the class then yes, the class will have to change partners. Changing partners is an excellent way to learn to lead and follow. If you are uncomfortable with changing partners please call Amanda at 302-377-3088.  Private lessons may be the best option.

4. Where can I use what I learn in class? 

There are several local USA dance chapters which hold dances on a monthly basis in Easton, Dover and Salisbury. Their are also two dances held monthly in Denton, MD as well as several private dance clubs that meet once a month. You can email infodancingontheshore@gmail.com for more information.

5. Which is better, a private or a group lesson? 

Both are great! Group lessons are a great place to socialize and meet new people they are a good way to get started in dancing at a low cost. Private lessons are excellent for more one on one attention. They are ideal for individuals preparing for a special event such as a wedding, vacation, or party.

If you have any other questions please call Amanda at 302-377-3088 or email at infodancingontheshore@gmail.com


1. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for private lessons. If you need to cancel a previously scheduled lesson, please call in advance 302-377-3088 to avoid being charged for the lesson.

2. No refunds are given. In case of an emergency a credit will be given to use at a future class.

3. Payment is due for all private lessons at the time of the lesson. Advance payment is also accepted.

4. Group classes with less than 5 people are subject to cancellation – unless otherwise noted.

5. Inclement weather:

In case of inclement weather or snow please call the 302-377-3088 to check to see if classes for the evening have been cancelled. A message will be posted online as well as on the answer machine if classes have been cancelled. If in doubt please call Amanda at 302-377-3088 to see if class has been cancelled.

6.. Ballroom Dancing is a physical activity: As with any form of exercise please see a physician before attending classes if your physical health is in question. Dancing on the Shore, Amanda Showell, and all instructors that work through Dancing on the Shore are not responsible for any injury that may occur while taking, attending, or dancing during any group or private lesson as well as dance party.