Mary Lou Keller

I was introduced to Ballroom dancing a little more than 20 years ago.  At first the intent was to enjoy the social aspects of dancing.  I soon learned that dancing provided much more than a social life.  The health benefits were higher on the chart than I ever imagined, plus, learning a new skill was highly challenging and very satisfying.  But, I have to admit in the beginning I didn’t know a Waltz step from a Fox Trot step or even that they were two different dances.  But, with very patient dance teachers along the way that all got sorted out, and my dancing became fun and very delightful yet, still very challenging.


Research in recent years touts dancing as a great activity to aid in the prevention of some of the common ageing illnesses.  Knowing that, it gives me a lot of incentive for dancing and for me dancing is a lot more fun than some of the more common fitness routines like jogging or walking etc,.


As I get older and age gracefully (hopefully) dancing will help me to stay physically well and mentally alert.  So for me you could just say,”I’m a lifer”. I am excited to be instructing dance as a student instructor through Dancing on the Shore. I will be teaching beginner lessons through out Talbot & Caroline Counties.