6:00pm Cha-Cha Beginner class in Easton

This class is perfect for students who have no or minimal experience in the dance This class is perfect for students who have never taken or have limited experience in dancing. Open to couples and singles. Cost is $50 per person for a 4 week session. Pre-registration is required. NO DROP INS PLEASE. Mary Lou Keller will instruct class.. Call Amanda at 302-377-3088 or email infodancingontheshore@gmail.com to register. Pre-registration is required.

Effective Monday May 17th in MARYLAND all FULLY vaccinated people can attend dance lessons ( both group and private) without wearing a mask ONLY IF they provide proof of vaccination. You will need to either bring in a photocopy of your vaccination card ( or proof of vaccination) or you can bring your card and we can take a photo of it. Only once proof of vaccination has been provided can a student attend class without a mask. You will need to continue to wear a mask until proof is provided that you are fully vaccinated. ( 2 shots for Pfizer and Moderna, 1 for J&J) ALL UNVACCINATED students will have to continue to wear masks during class. Their will be no exceptions to this policy. THIS policy will go in effect for DELAWARE classes as on Monday May 24th.

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